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My name is Donald Roth and I am the proprietor of, a blog dedicated to all things television-related. After spending many years as an avid fan of television programming, I decided to create my platform for expressing my thoughts on the medium and its most recent developments. 

I have been passionate about television since childhood when I eagerly awaited the next episode of whatever show was captivating my attention at the time. As I grew older and gained more experience with different types of programming and stories, I began to develop an appreciation for the power of television as a tool for storytelling and entertainment. This eventually led me to create to share my thoughts on the medium with a wider audience.

At, I strive to provide readers with an informative and opinionated look at television today. My articles cover topics such as popular show reviews and news, industry trends, interviews with industry professionals, and more.  Additionally, I have established relationships with many production companies so that I can provide exclusive content and interviews with some of the industry’s biggest stars. This allows me to offer readers a unique insight into the development process and the latest news regarding their favourite shows and actors.

I am continuously learning more about television, to better understand how it has evolved over many years. My goal is to share my knowledge and passion with others so that they can also gain a greater appreciation for the power of television. I believe in providing readers with discussions and content that is both entertaining and educational; this is something that I strive to achieve through

My mission is to use as a platform to help people learn more about television and its potential as a form of storytelling. Through the articles I post, I hope to foster an open dialogue between readers, industry professionals, and myself so that we can all better understand the medium that has entertained us for so long. I am also very passionate about television’s potential to influence and educate its viewers in positive ways. Many of the articles I write on are designed to encourage readers to think critically about the messages being presented in the programs they watch, as well as how these messages can be interpreted by different people. 

In addition, I strive to provide interviews with writers, producers, directors and other industry professionals to gain a better understanding of how television is made and why certain choices are made when creating content. Ultimately, my goal is to create an environment where readers can come to learn more about television and gain insight into the creative process behind it.